On Demand

Fatima Khan-Shah

Opening Keynote

Emmerline Irving & Kelly Laycock

ATR Programme Update

Dr Richard Baron

LTU Partnering with the West Yorkshire ATR Programme


Emmerline Irving, Kelly Laycock & Dr Richard Baron

Panel Session

Cllr Elizabeth Reynolds


Adversity Trauma and Resilience – A Conversation with Cllr Elizabeth Reynolds

Anna Comerford

Adversity Trauma and Resilience – Fellowship Anna Comerford – Developing a trauma-informed approach to communications and engagement

Derek Sankar

Adversity Trauma and Resilience – Can zero tolerance be trauma aware?

Anna Comerford & Derek Sankar

Panel Session


Agnes Wozna

Trauma-Informed Staff Experience and Workforce Practices

Becky Haas

Creating Trauma Informed Multidisciplinary Teams as Best Practice

Melanie Mott & Matt Jordan

Seeking Safety


Becky Haas, Melanie Mott, Matt Jordan & Agnes Wozna

Panel Session

Cath Knibbs

Online Harms

Cath Knibbs & Emmerline Irving

Panel Session & Close

Lee Berry

Welcome, Introduction and Opening

Andi Brierley

Relational Poverty to Relational Health

Caroline Burnley

Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes, within a female enabling environment in a female prison estate (HMP Newhall, UK)


Andi Brierley & Caroline Burnley

Panel Session

Georgia Watkinson

Child First

Georgia Watkinson & Kelly Laycock

Panel Session


Lisa Cherry

Keynote – Belonging

Rachel Forbes & Rachel Westbourne

What’s love got to do with it?


Lisa Cherry, Rachel Forbes & Rachel Westbourne

Panel Session

Bingy Brown

Lived Experience

Emmerline Irving

Closing Session