Seeking Safety

05/03/2024 2:15 pm |

Matt and Mel have been delivering the Seeking Safety* group in their community mental health team since 2017. They have written an evaluation document for their NHS Trust about the success of the group and will talk about their experience of running the group and how they have adapted the delivery of this treatment. Clients are given the opportunity of working toward recovery from both trauma and unsafe coping behaviours, and the service benefits from increased caseload flow and a reduction in re-referrals and crisis presentation. The Seeking Safety treatment targets patients who have a history of trauma and who are usually excluded from traditional forms of psychological treatment because they use drugs, alcohol, and other unsafe behaviours to help them block or forget about their past. The treatment has a focus on creating psychological safety and develops stability by developing safe ways to tolerate and manage symptoms relating to past trauma, developing positive activities and interests, and growing social support networks.

Get to know the sessions speaker(s)

  • Melanie Mott

    Highly Specialist Psychotherapist, South West Yorkshire Partnership Foundation Trust

    I am an experienced integrative psychotherapist and have worked in NHS secondary mental health community teams since 2011. I have…

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  • Matthew Jordan

    Specialist Occupational Therapist, South West Yorkshire Partnership Foundation Trust

    I am an experienced specialist occupational therapist working in an NHS secondary mental health community team since 2016. Prior to…

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